Navicula P 0001 David Trubridge Navicula 1500 Feature Bamboo Sustainable Light Fixture Above Table Photo Simon Devitt


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Cleaning the Coastlines


$50 from the sale of a this light goes directly to Sustainable Coastlines who will use it wisely on projects focused around looking after our oceans.

Kitset Design

Kitset Design

Shipping as kitset vastly reduces the harmful effects of moving items around the globe. On average our kitset lights are 1/40th the size of an assembled one.

Made in New Zealand

Made in nz

Aotearoa (or New Zealand as it's known globally) is a beautiful, lush green country, powered by predominantly green energy. Kiwis are known as inventors, great sportspeople, world-class filmmakers, environmentalists, record-breakers and also for world leading art and design!

Available in Colours!


This light is available in our full colour range! From bone-like white to bright popping colours (including Black) selecting colour for your light can bring your space to life!


Navicula is inspired by microscopic diatoms which live in water and produce 50% of the air we breathe. The light is crafted from strong, multi-layered bamboo plywood creating a natural skeletal skin. The tensile form is lit internally by an LED strip which emits a soft upwards glow of light. Navicula is ideal for a dining table, lounge, foyer, reception or as a sculptural lighting feature. In 2016 Navicula won a Gold Best award and in 2017 a Good Design award. Navicula featured in the Grand Designs New Zealand 'Floating Beach Bach' in 2020.

Please note: Painted options of Navicula are generally cut to order with a lead time of up to 8 weeks. If you need your light urgently, please email us for current stock levels:

  • Shipped in environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Easy assembly at home via PDF or online video.
  • Three sizes.
  • 12 Standard colour options (custom colours on request).
  • Comes with suspension wires, integrated LED strip, driver and ceiling canopy.
  • Intended for dry interior spaces.



Width: 570mm (22”)

Height: 200mm (8”)

Length: 1440 mm (57”)

Weight: 2kg (4.4lb)


Width: 900mm (35”)

Height: 380mm (15”)

Length: 1950mm (77”)

Weight: 3kg (6.6lb)


Width: 1000mm (39”)

Height: 450mm (18”)

Length: 2500mm (98”)

Weight: 6kg (13.2lb)



1130mm x 750mm x 90mm (44” x 30” x 4”)

Volume: 0.076m3 (2.7ft3)

Weight: 6kg (13.2lb)


1130mm x 750mm x 90 mm (44” x 30” x 4”)

Volume: 0.076m3 (2.7ft3)

Weight: 7kg (15.4lb)


1280mm x 925mm x 130mm (50” x 36” x 5”)

Volume: 0.154m3 (5.4ft3)

Weight: 13kg (28.7lb)


LED Strip (Tridonic)

2700K (Warm White)


CRI: 90

24 Volts DC

LED ceiling facing

5000mm Cord Length

5000mm Stainless trace


Plywood (components)

Nylon (Clips)

Aluminium (Used in heatsink)

Polycarbonate (Used in LED diffuser)

Steel (screws)

Stainless Cables

Led Strip



White (one or two sides)

Black one side (inside or outside)

Black two sides









5m / 15ft Cordset

2 x 5m Suspension Wires


Gold Award, Best Award, New Zealand, 2016

Good Design Award, Chicago Atheneum, 2017

Good Design Award Australia, 2021

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David Trubridge Navicula Feature Bamboo Sustainable Light Fixture 1500 Photo Simon Devitt

Case Study

This Pauanui beach home proudly displays its owners’ Polynesian heritage through well-considered architectural moves. The home features our Navicula Feature Pendant.

There is a sense of rightness, of belonging, that some houses manage to capture and this collection of pavilions on a waterfront site in Pauanui does just that. Buildings that reflect place and culture will always have this advantage.

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