Coral Pendant light David Trubridge Bamboo Plywood Design 0002 Shaun Lockyer Architects Scott Burrows Photo Kooroomba Ho

Whatever the project, you'll find a stunning work of design to complement the space. Each of our pieces are a statement of their own, a striking single element or large cluster installation.

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Additional Site Images 3 0002 Kina Natural 1000 Simon Devitt
Additional Site Images 3 0001 Kina 1000 Natural Simon Devitt

Form by Day, Mood at Night

As the sunlight retreats, our lights emerge and start to perform. Whether over an intimate finding situation, hung high in a lounge or foyer, our lights create an atmospheric dappled light.

Thirteen Thousand, New Trees

Maraetotara Tree Trust is a registered charity with the purpose to protect, enhance, and restore all 86 kilometres of the Maraetōtara (MTT) river. Since 2013 we have committed to annually supporting the MTT which is taking direct action in our local area.

Future generations will enjoy what we all took for granted as children; a place with clean water, native bush and birdsong.

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Maraetotara POR 0003 SAM 0452b

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